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Abgeschlossene Projekte / Finished Projects


OurPuppet - Pflegeunterstützung mit einer interaktiven Puppe für informell Pflegende (BMBF)
STEAK: Spatial TelephonE conferencing for AsterisK
Analysis and Synthesis of Directional Acoustic Room Properties
Automatische Nutzercharakterisierung für Marktforschung und Prototypenentwicklung anhand psychographischer Daten aus Social Media und Sprachanwendungen
Bernstein Focus Neurotechnology - Berlin (BFNT - B)
Blended Prototyping (Einstein / BMBF)
CrowdMAQA: Motivation and Automatic Quality Assessment in Paid Crowdsourcing Online Labor Markets
Forschungscampus Connected Technologies
Quality of Mobile Gaming
Smart Senior
SPASH: Social Psychological Aspects of Smart Homes
TTS Corporate Voice
Universal Home Control Interfaces@ConnectedUsability
UFESQ: User-Friendly Estimation of Speech Quality for Telecommunications and Network Carriers
Vernetzte Mobilität - BodenseEmobility (emma- e-mobil mit anschluss)



Simulation of Conversational Behavior During Impaired Speech Transmissions
Subjective assessment and instrumental prediction of mobile online gaming on the basis of perceptual dimensions
Erkenntnistransfer: Qualitätsattribute und Gesamtqualität übertragener Sprache
Likability of Voices
Automatische Usability-Evaluierung modellbasierter Interaktionssysteme für Ambient Assisted Living
Attribute-based Speech Quality Measures
TTS Evaluation
Detection of Speaker Personality and Likability
Subjektive Messung und instrumentelle Schätzung von Sprachqualität in einer Konversationssituation auf Basis von perzeptiven Dimensionen
Nautilus Speaker Characterization (NSC) Corpus
Artificial Reverberation for Sound Field Synthesis



MIELES – Modernizing and Enhancing Indian eLearning Educational Strategies


EU / H2020

ATTPS: Achieving the Trust Paradigm Shift (EU FP-7)
Methods and models for assessing and predicting the QoE linked to mobile gaming (QoE-NET/MSCA-ITN Network)
SpeechEval (EFRE)



DoNotFear - Perceived Security In Public Transport (EIT-Digital)
BRIDGE - Data & Fact Driven Decision-Making for Skills Based Inclusion of Migrants (EIT-Digital)
ERICS – European Refugee Information and Communication Service (EIT-Digital, 2017/2018, Project Lead)
ALM-enabled Smart Maintenance: Low cost, Multi-purpose (ALM) IoT modules for fitting machinery/production plants and measuring real time parameters such as vibrations, energy consumption, temperature etc. based on innovative fiber optics and Nucleo STM microcontrollers (EIT-Digital, 1-12/2017)
Engineering Privacy and Security in Crowdsourcing Environments (EIT-Digital, 2015/2016)
EIT ICT Education Research Program 2014
FlashPoll - Mobile Participation
Privacy-Preserving Smart Spaces
Visualization of Energy Efficiency Performance and User Behaviour (EIT Climate-KIC)


Deutsche Telekom AG / T-Labs

Activity-based verification
Affect-based Indexing (abi)
Agile User Research & Innovation (AUR&I)
Anomaly Detection and Early Warning Systems
Citizen Card
Connected Life and Drive
Cross-service, Cross-user QoE

Detection of Speaker Personality and Likability
Face, Gesture and Deformations
Free Viewpoint TV
Graded Security for Mobiles
Hierarchical Multimodal Interfaces
HiQ Voice
ICS Intelligent Customer Self Service
Interaction with Digital Signage
Mobile Interaction 
Mobisense goes video
MuCORE - Multimedia Content Retrieval
Multidemensional Speech QoE
Quality of Mobile Gaming
Security Requirements Combiner (SeReCo)
Speaker Recognition and Speaker Characterization through different Communication Channels
Speech Quality per Call
Superior User Experience Modeling
Universal Telecommunication Interface (UTI)
Usability & Security
Usability Modelling and Prediction
User Experience Quantification
Virtual City Guide++
Virtual Communication Environments
Vision-based Interaction
Visual Processing
Vocalytics & SWYM
Voice Notes



Acoustic Massive Multichannel Systems
Audio-visual Quality
Automatic Usability Engineering Methods
Basics of Sound Reproduction and Perception
Human-Centric Communication (H-C3)
Joy of Use in Practice
Mobiler Campus Charlottenburg (MoCCha)
PflegeTab - Technik für mehr Lebensqualität trotz Pflegebedürftigkeit bei Demenz (GKV)
Physical Interaction
Quality of Experience Estimators in Networks (QuEEN)
Smart Home System INSPIRE
Speech Quality Engineering
Speech Quality Modelling
Subject-based Usability Evaluation Methods
Thinking Head (ARC/NH&MRC)

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