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Universal Telecommunications Interface (UTI)

Motivation & Project Description
Acceptance of multimodal interfaces: new methods for test based usability evaluation. Complex in functionality but easy to use Modern end devices, especially in the mobile area, are characterized by small size in combination with growing functionality. More and more applications can be operated using one and the same device.  Therefore, the need rises for new and innovative concepts of use which allow for handling even these complex devices. Multimodal interfaces open completely new perspectives for the use of information and communication systems. As a result of different in- and output modalities as, for example, speech, keyboard, and motion control, users can start interacting with the devices intuitively and according to their preferences. New concepts of use require new evaluation methods Which modalities should be combined with each other? Are there dependencies between the used applications? How wide is the influence of the actual situation of the environment? How can different people handle the offered modalities? Which effects have animated agents on user guidance? In order to answer these and more questions, at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories new methods for usability evaluation are developed, tested and applied. It has been shown that user satisfaction measured via questionnaires is not always directly related to the acceptance of the services developed. The new methods therefore will go far beyond questionnaires. For example, psycho-physiological methods as eye tracking or skin conductance response measurement are applied in order to measure the users’ mood or cognitive load objectively during the actual usage of the new devices. The goal is to make methods from other areas of psychological research suitable to usability testing.

Expected Outcome

Research results for research results

The new measuring methods are introduced to the evaluation of services and devices developed at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, too. One example is the Universal Telecommunication Interface, a platform for different multimodal services, e.g. the Multimodal MediaScout, the Multimodal Remote Control (MMRC), or the Multimodal Information Cockpit (MMIC).

Time Frame: 

02/2007 - 05/2009
T-labs Team Members:

Florian Metze, Sebastian Möller, Anja Naumann, Ina Wechsung, Tim Polzehl

Hanna Bohle, Katja Lauermann
Funding by:
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories


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