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Motivation & Project Description

We need to store several different type of information, either to be retrieved when needed or to be reminded of. Writing can be quite tedious, especially while on move. VoiceMemos proposes to:

  • Allow users to store short memos/reminders over phone.
  • Classify memos based on content, like phonebook/calendar entry or address etc.
  • Retrieve memos on demand based on voice/text search.
  • Organize memos based on user confirmation and convenience

Expected Outcome:

  • Understanding of note-taking behavior
  • Analysis of user expectations
  • A demonstration of store and retrieve technology.


Time Frame: 

T-labs Team Members:
Florian Metze
Jitendra Ajmera
Funding by:
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
See list of publications by Florian Metze and Jitendra Ajmera


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