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Quality and Usability Seminar

(2 SWS/3 LP; SoSe/WiSe mit wechselndem Thema)
LV-Nummer: 0434 L 905

Zeit: Montags 16:00-18:00, erstmals am 12.04.  // Mondays 16:00-18:00, first meeting on 12.04, Online
Raum: online
Contact: at]tu-berlin.de,  babak.naderi[at]tu-berlin.de


Topic: Natural Language Processing

Sprache / Language: English

How to apply?

    • Visiting the seminar introduction session on 12.4.2021 is mandatory for registration.
    • ISIS: Quality and Usability Seminar: Natural Language Processing, QU, SEM, SS 2021 (ID: 24085) key: "nlp"
    • Number of participants is limited
    • Link to the zoom meeting for the seminar's introduction session: You can find it in the ISIS page


    • Bachelor degree;
    • Experience with machine learning.


    The aim of this seminar is to introduce natural language processing, which is commonly used to improve human communication with machines, to students from a practical perspective. This course will not contain heavy details about machine learning; rather, we focus on NLP applications and the state-of-the-art models which are commonly used in different tasks.

    We cover the following topics: text classification, topic modeling, named entity recognition, machine translation, sign language technologies, information retrieval and search engines, relation extraction, semantic text similarity, text summarization, and chatbots.

    During this course, each student chooses one NLP application as the topic of presentation. You should learn about the task. In your presentation, you should explain the task, its applications, and the state-of-the-art methods in the task. You can also present and compare the top available datasets for the task. Finally, you need to deliver a short report. The final evaluation will be based on the presentations (60%) and the short report (40%).

    We provide an introduction to natural language processing and fundamental topics during the first sessions.




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