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Quality and Usability Seminar

(2 SWS/3 LP; SoSe/WiSe mit wechselndem Thema)
LV-Nummer: 0434 L 905

Zeit: Tuesdays 10-12, start 03.11. (all meetings are online)
Contact: babak.naderi[at]tu-berlin.de


Topic: Statistics

How to apply?

Take part in the first meeting (find this course in ISIS, link is posted there. Here is also the link if you can not login to ISIS: https://tu-berlin.zoom.us/j/63840652767?pwd=TzEyU0NrbTJhZlVwb3JHOEM3UDl0Zz09).

ISIS: Quality and Usability Seminar: Statistics in HCI, QU, SEM, WS 2020/21 (ID: 21294) key: "p-value"

Sprache: English


Do you love statistics? Either you answer yes or no, this seminar could be interesting for you.

The aim of this seminar is to introduce statistical methods, which are commonly used in the Human-computer Interaction (HCI) research, to students from practical perspective. At the end of this seminar, students should be able to select appropriate statistical methods, for the given research question, and understand the implications and limitations of various methods.

This course will not contain heavy details about math, rather we focus on how and when to use methods already provided by statistical packages. Finally, how to interpret the result.

We cover following topics: basics on research and experiment design, data visualization, data screening, testing associations, prediction models and common statistical tests.

During this course, each student become a statistical method as a topic of presentation. You should learn about that, and apply it to the given dataset. In your presentation you should explain the method, its application, how to use it and how to interpret its results. You should present how you apply the method on your dataset. Finally you need to deliver a short report.

We provide an introduction to R and expect you using it during your analyzes.

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