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[SS 18] Advanced Projects at the Quality and Usability Lab

This is a site for those students who do not have ISIS access yet. Otherwise please enter in this ISIS course [1]. password: quprojectss18

Like in ISIS, here you can check out the information and register for the student projects in SS 18.

Registration procedure

1) Read the project descriptions and check out the slots for project meetings under "Project Topics" (pdf).


2) Until 15.04.: Fill in this form with your preference for a project: first choice, second choice and third choice. (Application is closed.)


3) On 17.04.: you will be assigned to your selected project if there are spots left. 

Preference is given to those who have the project's required skills and fill in the form first. 


4) On 20.04.: Attend the introductory session of your assigned (or preferred) project - see times below.

* Note that the introductory session's date and time is not the slot of the next project meetings.


5) Until 27.04.: If you *are not* on the waiting list: register for the corresponding modul via QISPOS or Prüfungsamt:

Interdisziplinäres Medienprojekt (10LP), POS-Nummer: 6640 [2]

Studienprojekt Quality & Usability (9 LP), POS-Nummer: 2200 [3]

Studienprojekt Quality & Usability (6 LP), POS-Nummer: 2080 [4]


Note that there are two modules with the same title but different numbers of LP/CP in QISPOS

Please be aware that the effort (time to spent) is a third higher for the 9 LP module than for the 6 LP module.

You can also register for the 10LP/CP module "Interdisziplinäres Medienprojekt", if you need it for your course of study (e.g. Medieninformatik).


6) Until 27.04.

If you register via Prüfungsamt: Send a scan or photo of your registration confirmation ("gelber Zettel") to: neslihan.bueyuekdemircioglu@tu-berlin.de

If you register via QISPOS or if you are an Erasmus student: no more actions need to be taken.


If you are on the waiting list: we will notify you after 27.04.  if there is a spot left in your preferred project.

You cannot participate in the project if you do not attend the corresponding introductory session on 20.04.

You cannot participate in the project if you have been assigned to a project but do not register via QISPOS or Prüfungsamt (+ send confirmation) by 27.04.



Project Topics

  • Project: Ein Berliner Restaurant Chatbot

Module: Study Project Quality & Usability (6 CP) 

Description: here [5]

Weekly meetings: Wednesdays, 9-11

Introductory session: 20.04.2018, 17:30 - 19:00 Room: H 3004, Hauptgebäude 

Benjamin Weiss [6], Stefan Hillmann [7]


  • Project: Environmental Noise Classification for Crowdsourcing Systems

Module: Study Project Quality & Usability (6 CP) 

Description: here [8]

Weekly meetings: Wednesdays, 11-12

Introductory session: 20.04.2018, 16:00 - 16:45 Room: H 3004, Hauptgebäude 

Rafael Zequeira Jiménez  [9]


  • Project:  Design einer Data Annotation Plattform für Herbonauten

Module: Study Project Quality & Usability (6 CP) 

Description: here [10]

Weekly meetings: tbd

Introductory session: 20.04.2018, 16:45 - 17:30 Room: H 3004, Hauptgebäude 

 Carola Trahms [11], Neslihan Büyükdemircioglu


  • Project:  Machine Learning erfahrbar machen

Module: Interdisziplinäres Medienprojekt (10 CP)

Description: here [13]

Weekly meetings: Thursdays, 9-10

Introductory session: 20.04.2018, 17:30 - 19:00 Room: H 3004, Hauptgebäude 

Stefan Hillmann [14]




Assignments to Projects

Machine Learning Erfahrbar Machen (Modul: Interdisziplinäres Medienprojekt)


  1. Sophie Radatz
  2. Julia Zollna
  3. Lan Thao Nguyen
  4. Michael Alemu
  5. Kristina Pusch
  6. Matias Johannes Rietig
  7. Michel Kix
  8. Stefan Thiele
  9. Mark Friedländer
  10. Justyna Gapys
  11. Maximilian Randolf Schulz
  12. Florian Lauterbach
  13. Karam Dawoud
  14. Marius Jürgen Felix Pahl

Waiting List

  1. Muzammal Hussain
  2. Antonia Dueker
  3. Ferdows Shahryar
  4. Nils Jenner
  5. Laura Oppermann


Ein Berliner Restaurant Chatbot (Modul: Studienprojekt Quality & Usability (6 LP))


  1. Tim Gemkow
  2. An Sung-ill
  3. Berkay Caliskan
  4. Dora Szücs
  5. Philine Görzig
  6. Tatjana Spanehl

Waiting List

  1. Stephanie Haucke
  2. Andre Groß
  3. Asis Karojan
  4. Hashim Alali
  5. Mirsada Osmanovic
  6. Dorothea Schrade
  7. Joy-Eveline Leeuw
  8. Katharine Ly
  9. Robert Bublik
  10. Maximilian Gotthardt


Environmental Noise Classification for Crowdsourcing Systems (Modul: Studienprojekt Quality & Usability (6 or 9 CP))


  1. Agnieszka Putyra
  2. Vincent Jonany
  3. Davi Nascimento de Paula
  4. Har Preet Singh
  5. Sajjad Murtaza
  6. Ibrahim  Selim
  7. Parisa Rezaie
  8. vaibhav sharma
  9. Asmaa Haja
  10. Yuezhu Zhang
  11. Natalia Sokol
  12. Urszula Stupalkowska
  13. Manjiao Xu

Note*: If you want to have 9 credit points, you need to show some extra efforts. In case of 9 credit points, you can enroll either for Studienprojekt Quality & Usability (9 CP) or for Interdisziplinäres Medienprojekt (10 CP)


Design einer Data Annotation Plattform für Herbonauten (Modul: Studienprojekt Quality & Usability (6 LP))


  1. Kai Fabian Schulz
  2. Aniska Franke
  3. Armia Katebian
  4. Maksym Kolianov
  5. Leander Kruse-Ziegler
  6. Ajit Parikh
  7. Anna Opaska
  8. Christian Krüger
  9. Carlo Graf Strachwitz
  10. Martin Burghart
  11. Oksana Behrens
  12. Yana Dimitrova
  13. Lucyna Szuba
  14. Anh Nguyen
  15. Lena Simon
  16. Jonas Gebauer
  17. Meldrick Müller
  18. Kaspar Ensikat
  19. Helen Arnold
  20. Katharine Ly
  21. Eric Schneider



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