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Affective Computing

(Schleicher; 2 SWS, 3 LP, jeweils im WiSe)
VL-Nummer: 0434 L 912
Zeit: Freitags, 14.00-16.00 Uhr, erstmalig am 21.10.2011
Raum: TEL 1118/19, Telefunkenhochhaus (TEL) 11. Etage.

Sprache: in Abstimmung mit Teilnehmern wahlweise auf Deutsch oder Englisch

The main of topic of this seminar is the deployment of affective and physiological processes in the context of human-computer-interaction (HCI).

Topics: Overview structure and function of the human nervous system and neuronal information processing; basic assumption of evolution theory and evolutionary psychology; theories on emotion; current findings of emotion research with an emphasis on positive emotions; methods to induce emotions; measurement of feeling / subjective measurements; overview of related terms/buzzwords like user experience, joy of use etc. Recording and analysis of biosignals like facial muscle activity, heartbeat and eye movements; existing sensors and research to measure these signals during human-computer-interaction; attempts to manipulate user affect in HCI

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