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Communication Acoustics (MOOC)

(Möller, Hillmann, Kojic; 6 CPs; MOOC)
VL-Nummer: 0434 L 904
Language: English

Weekly videos and exercises:

The lecture is divided into two MOOCs provided on edX.org:

  1. Fundamentals of Communication Acoustics
  2. Applications in Communication Acoustics

1. Description

Communication acoustics consists of all areas of acoustic that deal with the communication between systems, humans or communication between a systems and humans. These are for example: auditory and speech acoustics, electroacoustics, audio technology, the simulation of acoustic environments, as well as all signal processing approaches that are used within these areas. Depending on the focus area of communication acoustics the lectures are part of different faculties, e.g., electrical engineering, physics and computer sience. The MOOC brings together leading scientists in the area of acoustics to create an overview on this versatile topic.

2. Registration and participation

Please enroll to the related ISIS course to get further information about the course organization and how to enroll to the related MOOCs on edX.org. Also, the ISIS course will be used as communication platform during the semester, because there are no classic lecture or exercise (meaning no mandatory attendance time).



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