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Mobile Interaction

Integrierte Veranstaltung
(Dr. Jörg Müller [1], 4 SWS, 6 LP, jeweils im WiSe)
VL-Nummer: 0434 L 902
Zeit: Dienstags, 10.00-14.00 Uhr, erstmalig am 23.10.2012
Raum: Auditorium 3, Geb. TEL, 20. Etage

ACHTUNG am 23.10. und 6.11. findet die VL im TEL 6. OG (EIT) im Raum ABXY statt

Slides and Videos for the Lecture can be found at:

http://joergmueller.info/mpi/ [2]


This course introduces students to human-computer interaction with public displays. Students will learn the relevant concepts of human-computer interaction as well as the basics of public displays. Students will get an overview of the specific problems of interaction with public displays and learn methods for developing and evaluating user interfaces for public displays. The focus will be on user-centered design thinking in public use contexts. Topics include the fundamental capabilities of humans, iterative design and design principles, the development of prototypes, and basic methods of evaluation. Technical aspects will also be discussed, such as computer vision and sensor-based input. The course includes a practical part in which public displays will be programmed using processing. 


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