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Dmitry Butenkov


Research Fields:
- Usability
- Natural Language Processing
- Spoken Dialog Systems
- User Simulation & Modeling

Research Topics:
- Spoken Dialog Systems evaluation
- Complex natural problems formalization
- Statistical user simulation & modelling
- User stereotypes and taxonomies
- Behavioral aspects of HCI
- Ontology-based aspects in SDS

Contact Information


Official address:
Quality and Usability Lab
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
TU Berlin, TEL-18
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
D-10587 Berlin, Germany

Office hours:
Mondays, 10:00 - 12:00
2nd floor, room 208

Short Biography

Dmitry Butenkov joined Deutsche Telekom Laboratories as Research Assistant in October 2008. In 2005 he graduated as Bachelor of Computer Engineering, and then as MSc in Computer Science in 2006, both from Taganrog State University of Radioengineering, Russian Federation.

During his study actively participated in weekly workshops held by Laboratory of Mathematical Problems in Artificial Intelligence based on TSURE.

For a long time he was affiliated with Department of System Analysis and Telecommunications of TSURE as a Student Researcher. Worked in Electronic Medicine Research Lab as External Researcher. Worked for AfterLogic Corporation, NJ, USA as Software Developer.

After graduation in 2006 joined EU excellence program Erasmus-Mundus and studied Software Engineering in University of Trento, Italy and RWTH-Aachen University, Germany. There he was affiliated with Distributed Systems Research Group as a Student Research Assistant.

In the moment Dmitry works towards his PhD thesis on SpeechEval project held in collaboration with German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

Selected Publications




  • S. Butenkov, V. Krivsha, D. Butenkov. Usage of granular neural networks for noisy images classification. International conference “System Analysis and Telecommunications-2007” proceedings. Kolomna, Russian Federation, 2007



  • S. Butenkov, V. Krivsha, D. Butenkov. The measures for multilevel information granulated problems formalization in words computing systems. International conference “Intellectual Information Analysis – 2005” proceedings. Kiev, Ukraine, 2005
  • D.Butenkov, Y. Rogozov, S. Butenkov, A. Sviridov, A. Bobnev. The development of data flow’s fuzzy models for optimal planning in CASE-based systems. 10-th national conference of artificial intelligence “AIC-2005” proceedings. Moscow, Russian Federation, 2005
  • S. Butenkov, V. Salnikov, D. Butenkov. Methods and approaches to individual testing in university. Methodological development for national contest (1st prize), Taganrog, TSURE, 2005


  • S. Ahl-Dhouyni, D. Butenkov. Synergetic approach in the neural network study problem. 5-th all-Russian scientific and technical conference “Metrology, automation, and modeling in industry and research activities” proceedings. Bisk, Russian Federation, 2004
  • S. Butenkov, V. Krivsha, D. Butenkov, A. Kurbesov. The adaptation of fuzzy relations for case-based reasoning in diagnostics problem solving. 9-th national conference of artificial intelligence “AIC-2004” proceedings. Moscow, Russian Federation, 2004
  • S. Butenkov, D. Butenkov. Case-based reasoning methods in medical diagnostics problems. All-Russian scientific students and candidates conference “Technical cybernetics, radio electronics, and control systems” reports thesis. Taganrog, Russian Federation, 2004


  • D. Butenkov, V. Finaev. The development of intelligent systems of overtaking and traffic streams modelling. Scientific session “MEPHI-2003” proceedings. Moscow, Russian Federation, 2003


  • D. Butenkov, V. Finaev. Traffic streams simulation. 3-th all-Russian scientific and technical conference “Metrology, automation, and modeling inindustry and research activities” proceedings. Bisk,Russian Federation, 2002
  • D. Butenkov, V. Finaev. Wainscoting cutting problem based on fuzzy similarity relation. All-Russian scientific graduates and PhDs conference “Technical cybernetics, radio electronics and control systems” reports thesis. Taganrog, Russian Federation, 2002

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