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Florian Hinterleitner



Research Field

quality, speech technology

Research Topics

quality and quality dimensions of synthetic speech
instrumental quality prediction of synthetic speech

Florian Hinterleitner studied Communication and Computer Sciene at the Technical University Berlin. In 2010 he completed his Magister Thesis "Signalbased Quality Prediction of Synthetic Speech". He is currently working as a research assistant at the Quality and Usability Lab of Telekom Innovation Laboratories, TU-Berlin in the domain of quality prediction of synthetic speech.





Speech Communication (since winter semester 2010/2011)


Predicting the Quality of Text-To-Speech Systems from a Large-Scale Feature Set
Zitatschlüssel hinterleitner2013c
Autor Hinterleitner, Florian and Norrenbrock, Christoph and Möller, Sebastian and Heute, Ulrich
Buchtitel Proc. 14th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (Interspeech 2013)
Seiten 383–387
Jahr 2013
ISSN 2308-457X
Ort Lyon, France
Monat 25-29 August
Verlag International Speech Communication Association
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