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Hanul Sieger


Research Field:

Usability, security

Research Topics:

• Biometric authentication
• Balance of usability and security


Hanul Sieger studied philosophy, physics, and psychology at the RWTH Aachen University and received his magister degree in 1997. He continued academic work at the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics at RWTH Aachen for two years and then joined Hewlett-Packard as a system consultant specializing in high availability and security of UNIX operating systems. Hanul Sieger started at the Quality and Usability Lab as a research assistant in November 2009.


Quality and Usability Lab
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
TU Berlin
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
D-10587 Berlin, Germany
Tel:  +49 30 8353 58272
Fax: +49 30 8353 58409


mWallet Acceptance Design Guidelines
Zitatschlüssel kirschnick2011c
Autor Kirschnick, Niklas and Sieger, Hanul and Möller, Sebastian
Jahr 2011
Adresse DE-Berlin
Notiz Joint SR\&ID Project mWallet Acceptance
Wie herausgegeben intern
Institution Telekom Innovation Laboratories
Typ der Publikation Report
Link zur Publikation Download Bibtex Eintrag



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