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Julia Seebode


Research Field


Research Topics

• Emotional System Feedback
• Usability Evaluation Methods
• eMobility and Mobility Concepts


Julia Seebode studied Science of Communication and Physics at Berlin Institute of Technology and received her magister degree in 2009. She was holder of a research science scholarship in the post graduate program prometei (www.prometei.de) from 2009 until 2013 working towards her PhD thesis in the domain of feedback for mobile devices. At the moment she is working on new concepts for emobility in the project "emma - e-mobil mit anschschuss (BodenseEmobil)".


Assessing Audio Clips on Affective and Semantic Level to Improve General Applicability
Zitatschlüssel schleicher2010c
Autor Schleicher, Robert and Sundaram, Shiva and Seebode, Julia
Buchtitel DAGA 2010 Tagung, Berlin, Germany.
Jahr 2010
ISBN 978-3-9808659-8-2
Ort Berlin
Verlag Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik e.V.
Zusammenfassung We propose a twofold analysis of complex real-world audio clips combining low-level affective measures and high-level semantic understanding to enable their use in varying contexts. Listeners are asked to rate a given audio clip on the affective dimensions of valence, arousal and dominance, and report their spontaneous association with it. Both sources of information are used to cluster the clips, allowing for both categorical and quantitative analysis. We present experimental results on selected clips from the BBC Sound Effects Library. Next to multimedia content retrieval, the selection of appropriate auditory icons is an exemplary area of application, which is the focus of this communication. The rationale is that clips with high emotional valence (pleasant or unpleasant) are well- suited to initially attract the listeners attention, whereas their subsequent semantic interpretation has to be unambiguous to qualify as an icon in a given context. Keywords: emotion, content-based audio retrieval, auditory icons.
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