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Katharina Bredies

Lupe [1]

Research Interests
- Exploratory design methods
- Emergent user behaviour and design in use
- Design theory

Katharina Bredies was born in 1981 in Bremen, Germany, where she studied integrated design at the Hochschule für Künste. During her studies, she worked as a product designer, 3D modeler and animator. She finished her studies in 2006 with a diploma thesis about the use of cybernetic systems analysis in design. Her interests cover research into interaction design and design theory as well as illustration, animation and comic books.
She joined the DeutscheTelekom Laboratories in 2006, where she works as a research scientist and PhD candidate. In her doctoral thesis, she investigates the value of irritiation in design. Besides, she is collaborating in other current research projects about transferability and design research methods.

See also www.design-research-lab.org


  • Katharina Bredies: Confuse the user! A use-centred view on Participatory Design. Workshop "Designed for Co-Designers", 30 September, Bloomington, US
  • Katharina Bredies, Sandra Buchmüller and Gesche Joost: The Gender Perspective in Cultural Probes. Proceedings of the 10th ACM Participatory Design Conference, 1-4 October 2008, Bloomington, US
  • Katharina Bredies: Using System Analysis and Personas for e-Health Interaction Design. Proceedings of the DRS (Design Research Society) Conference, 16-19. Juli 2008, Sheffield, England
  • Katharina Bredies, Nick Alexander Mann, Jens Ahrens, Matthias Geier, Sascha Spors und Michael Nischt: The Multi-Touch Soundscape Renderer. Proceedings of the ACM AVI (Advanced Visual Interfaces) Conference, 28.-30. Mai 2008, Neapel, Italien
  • Katharina Bredies, Gesche Joost and Rosan Chow: Designing Personalized Intelligent User Interfaces. Proceedings of the IASDR (International Asssociation of Societies of Design Research) Conference, 12-15. November 2007, Hong Kong, China

Quality and Usability Lab
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
TU Berlin
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
D-10587 Berlin, Germany

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