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Katrin Wolf


Research Field

- Human-Computer-Interaction

Research Topics

- Mobile and Wearable Computing

- Gesture based Interaction

- Busy-hand & On-the-go Interface

- Ubiquitous Computing


Katrin Wolf is a graduate student of the International Graduate School H-C3 that strongly focuses on Human-Centric Communication. She is investigating ergonomic busy-hand interfaces and is supervised by Sebastian Möller (T-Labs Berlin), Joachim Sauter (UdK Berlin), and Michael Rohs (University of Hannover). Katrin Wolf explores the potential and limits of microgestures that are executed with the grasping hand through user studies with interactive prototypes. Her research motivation is to understand human abilities and skills and transfer that to ergonomic interface design for on-the-go, busy-hand, and ubiquitous computing scenarios. The background of Katrin Wolf is in interaction design and she received two diplomas from the University of the Arts Berlin, one in design and one in communications. Before joining the QU Lab, Katrin was an intern at University of Canterbury in New Zealand and worked in the Human Interface Technology Lab that is headed by Mark Billinghurst.

Quality and Usability Lab
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
TU Berlin
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
D-10587 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 8353 54265




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Wolf, K., Dicke, C. and Grasset, R. (2011). Touching the Void: Gestures for Auditory Interfaces. Proc. TEI 2011, 305–308.

Link zur Originalpublikation

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Link zur Originalpublikation

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Link zur Originalpublikation

Wolf, K., Naumann, A., Rohs, M. and Müller, J. (2011). Taxonomy of microinteractions: defining microgestures based on ergonomic and scenario-dependent requirements. Proc. INTERACT 2011, 559–575.

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Dicke, C., Wolf, K. and Tal, Y. (2010). Foogue: Eyes-Free Interaction for Smartphones. Proc. Mobile HCI 2010, 129–133.

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