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Klaus-Peter Engelbrecht


Research Field:
- Usability

Research Topics:

- Model-based usability evaluation
- Modeling quality judgments
- Modeling user behavior
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Klaus-Peter Engelbrecht is working as a Postdoc at the Quality and Usability Lab of Telekom Innovation Laboratories, TU Berlin. He studied Communication Research and Musicology and received his Magister degree in 2006 from TU Berlin. In July 2011 he successfully defended his Dissertation thesis entitled "Estimating Spoken Dialog System Quality with User Models". His current work deals with modeling how users experience interactions with automated dialog partners, and how this impacts the judgments they provide about them. From 2013 to 2014, he managed the BMBF Forschungscampus project "Interaktion & Sensoren", which dealt with innovative ways of interacting with technology in the smart home. In his spare time, he enjoys playing in rock bands and biking.




Try out a dialog system I build with students in a study project. It anwers questions about the course program (Modulkatalog) of the Quality and Usability Lab. If you are interested in contributing to the system (in the form of a thesis or study project), please contact me.

This is a beta version. In case of deviations of the provided information from the official website, the information on the official website is binding.


Masters, Bachelor and Diploma Theses I supervised


Auflösung von Anaphern in Dialogen mit dem Question-Answering-Agent des Quality and Usability Lab (Bachelor)

Domain-Model für den Question-Answering-Agent des Quality and Usability Lab (Bachelor)


Auswirkungen von Individualisierbarkeit mittels Widgets auf die User Experience am Beispiel eines Banking-Portals (Master)

Modeling user judgments provided while interacting with a spoken dialog system using hidden Markov models (Master, 2014)

Towards continuous authentication on mobile touch devices: Evaluating context-specific user behaviour within instant messaging applications on current smartphones (Master, 2013)

The Influence of User Characteristics on the Quality of Judgment Prediction Models for Tablet Applications (Bachelor, 2013)

Speech Phenomena and their Modeling in User Simulation for Automated Evaluation of Spoken Dialog Systems (Magister, 2011)

Vorhersage von Qualitätsurteilen bei Sprachdialogsystemen unter Verwendung von Hidden-Markov-Modellen (Diplom, 2009)

Generierung von Benutzeräußerungen zur Evaluierung von Sprachdialogsystemen im Projekt MeMo (Magister, 2007)


SE Steuerung von Sprachdialogen (WS2012/13; with Benjamin Weiss)

SE Modellbasierte Evaluierung von Mensch-Maschine-Schnittstellen (SS2012, SS2013, SS2014, SS2015)

SE Web Usability (SS2009; with Benjamin Weiss)

UE Usability Engineering (SS2008/ SS2009; with Sebastian Möller)

UE Quality and Usability Evaluation of Dialog Systems, Elsnet summer school, Belfast, 16-27 July 2007 (with Sebastian Möller)

Study projects

Slot tagger for extracting semantic concepts from user input for the question answering agent of the Quality and Usability Lab (SS2015)

Virtual agent for the website of the QU-Lab, answers questions about courses offered by the QU-Lab (WS2013/14)

Influence of speech rate of the speech synthesizer on efficieny and quality of a dialog system (SS2013)

Quality and Usability Lab
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
TU Berlin
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
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