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Lydia Kraus

Lupe [1]

Research Field

  • User experience of security and privacy technologies on smartphones
  • Experience-based approaches for designing security and privacy mechanisms on smartphones
  • Impact of salient privacy information on user decision making behavior
  • User behavior modeling


Lydia studied Electrical engineering and Information Technology with a major in Communications engineering at Technical University of Munich (TUM) and received her Dipl.-Ing. (M.Sc. equivalent) at the end of 2009. After her graduation she joined the Mihailo Pupin Institute in Belgrade/Serbia as a scientific researcher in the area of information systems for emergency management and evacuation. Since the beginning of 2013 she is employed at the Quality and Usability Lab at TU Berlin where she is working towards a PhD in the field of usable and experience-based security and privacy on smartphones. Lydia appreciates working in interdisciplinary environments. She often uses approaches from disciplines such as user experience and positive psychology to investigate how users handle security and privacy on their smartphones and how future technologies that are based on such approaches could look like.



Achieving the trust paradigm shift (ATTPS) [2]

SecNEED [3]



  • Seminar "Biometric Identification and Verification" (WS 13/14, WS 14/15, WS 15/16)
  • Study project: Security and Privacy on Smartphones from a user perspective/ Sicherheit und Privatsphäre auf Smartphones aus Nutzersicht (WS 14/15)
  • Study project: Security and Psychological Needs during Smartphone Usage/ Sicherheit und psychologische Bedürfnisse bei der Smartphone-Nutzung (SoSe 15)


Supervised theses:

  • Nutzerfreundliche Visualisierung für Android App-Berechtigungen (BA)
  • Untersuchung eines grafischen Authentifizierungsverfahrens hinsichtlich hedonischer Qualität (BA)


Quality and Usability Lab
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
TU Berlin
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
D-10587 Berlin, Germany


+49 30 8353 54220

Scientific Services

Conference and Workshop Reviews

  • Program committee member of Collaborative Technology for Coordinating Crisis Management (CT2CM) Track of WETICE (IEEE International Conference Collaboration Technologies and Infrastructures) 2012 and 2013
  • Reviewer for SOUPS 2013

Journal Reviews

  • Reviewer for WETICE journals 2012
  • Reviewer for Behavior and Information Technology
  • Reviewer for Information Technology/ Special Issue "Usable Security and Privacy"

Workshop Organization

  • Panel Chair for Annual Privacy Workshop [4] @QU, TUB


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Poster: Towards an Instrument to Measure Everyday Privacy and Security Knowledge [20]

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Analyzing End-Users' Knowledge and Feelings Surrounding Smartphone Security and Privacy [28]

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End-Users‘ Feelings and Needs surrounding Mobile Security and Privacy [32]

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Keynote at the TDL Working Group Meeting 2015

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Implications Of The Use Of Emojis In Mobile Authentication [34]

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Poster: Psychological Need Fulfillment for Mobile Security and Privacy Actions: A Preliminary Investigation [36]

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Exploring Psychological Need Fulfillment for Security and Privacy Actions on Smartphones [38]

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Proceedings of the 1st European Workshop on Usable Security (EURO USEC) 2016

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