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Marie-Neige Garcia


Research Field:

- Quality and Usability

Research Topics:

- Video and Audio-Visual Quality Assessment
- Quality modeling



Since 2006: PhD Student at Technische Universität Berlin / Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

2004-2006: Project manager at ELDA (Evaluation and Language Resources Distribution Agency) , Speech evaluation department - Paris, France

  • Project manager in the EVALDA/EvaSy

    campaign (Evaluation of speech synthesis systems in French)

  • In charge of the evaluation of

    Text-to-speech systems in the European project TC-STAR (speech-to-speech


  • In charge of the evaluation of video

    technologies in the project CHIL (Pervasive Interaction Computing)

2003: Master’s Degree in Engineering at ISEP (Electronics Superior Institute of Paris); areas of study: informatics, telecommunications, electronics



Quality and Usability Lab
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
TU Berlin
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
D-10587 Berlin, Germany





Argyropoulos, S., Garcia, M.-N., List, D., Schleicher, R. and Raake, A. (2013). Objective No-reference prediction of saliency changes in the presence of packet losses. Int. Workshop on Video Processing and Quality Metrics (VPQM)

Argyropoulos, S., List, P., Garcia, M.-N., Feiten, B., Pettersson, M. and Raake, A. (2013). Scene change detection in encrypted video bit streams. IEEE Int. Conf. on Image Processing

Argyropoulos, S., Raake, A., Garcia, M.-N. and List, P. (2011). No-Reference bit stream model for video quality assessment of H.264/AVC video based on packet loss visibility. IEEE Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP). IEEE, 1169–1172.

Link to original publication

Argyropoulos, S., Raake, A., Garcia, M.-N. and List, P. (2011). No-reference video quality assessment of SD and HD H.264/AVC sequences based on continuous estimates of packet loss visibility. IEEE Int. Conf. on Quality of Multimedia Experience. IEEE, 31–36.

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Boula de Mareüil, P., D'Alessandro, C., Bailly, G., Béchet, F., Garcia, M.-N., Morel, M., Prudon, R. and Véronis, J. (2005). Evaluating the pronunciation of proper names by four French grapheme-to-phoneme converters. In Proc. of Eurospeech 05, (Interspeech)

Boula de Mareüil, P., D'Alessandro, C., Raake, A., Bailly, G., Garcia, M.-N. and Morel, M. (2006). A joint Intelligibility Evaluation of French Text-to-speech Synthesis Systems: the EvaSy SUS/ACR Campaign. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2006). untitled, 2034–2037.


D'Alessandro, C., Boula de Mareüil, P., Garcia, M.-N., Bailly, G., Morel, M., Raake, A., Béchet, F. and Véronis, J. (2008). EVASY, Evaluation des synthétiseurs de parole en français. Lavoisier, 183–208.


Feiten, B., Raake, A., Garcia, M.-N. and Ulf Wüstenhagen, J. K. (2009). Subjective Quality Evaluation of Audio Streaming Applications on Absolute and Paired Rating Scales. Proceedings of the 126th Audio Engineering Society(AES) Convention


Garcia, M.-N. and Raake, A. (2008). Audio-visual quality model for internet protocol television services. Proceedings of the 155th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) / 5th Forum Acusticum / 9e Congrés Français d'Acoustique / 2nd ASA-EAA Joint Conference (Acoustics'08 Paris), FR-Paris, 29 June - 4 July

Garcia, M.-N., Raake, A. and List, P. (2008). Towards content-related features for parametric video quality prediction of IPTV services. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2008), 757–760.

Garcia, M.-N., Raake, A. and Möller, S. (2008). DTAG Model for P.NAMS and G.OMVS Standardization Procedure.

Link to publication

Garcia, M.-N., List, P., Argyropoulos, S., Lindegren, D., Pettersson, M., Feiten, B., Gustafsson, J. and Raake, A. (2013). Parametric model for audiovisual quality assessment in IPTV: ITU-T Rec. P.1201.2. 15th International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP). IEEE, 482–487.

Link to original publication

Garcia, M.-N., Raake, A. and Feiten, B. (2013). Parametric audio quality model for IPTV services - ITU-T P.1201.2 audio. Proc. of 2013 Fifth International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX). IEEE, 194–199.

Link to original publication

Garcia, M.-N., Feiten, B. and Raake, A. (2010). Subjective quality evaluation of audio streaming applications: ACR vs. MUSHRA.. International Telecommunication Union.

Garcia, M.-N., Feiten, B. and Raake, A. (2010). Proposed changes of P.NAMS ToR for the IPTV Application Area. International Telecommunication Union.


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