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Methods for Multimedia Service Adaptation in Next Generation Networks
Zitatschlüssel lewcio2008a
Autor Lewcio, Blazej and Möller, Sebastian and Vidales, Pablo and Wältermann, Marcel and Kirschnick, Niklas
Buchtitel Proceedings of the ETSI Workshop on the Effects of Transmission Performance on Multimedia QoS
Jahr 2008
Ort Prague, Czech Republic
Adresse Sophia Antipolis, France
Monat jun
Verlag European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
Zusammenfassung In Next Generation Networks (NGNs), vertical han- dovers between different wireless access technologies provide seamless roaming during active multimedia sessions. The quality of these multimedia sessions, as well as the quality of user experience, depends on the network handover policies, link layer characteristics, and codecs used in the respective networks. Even though extensive research has been carried out on seamless mobility, a thorough analysis of user perception of this aspect is still missing. Knowledge of user perception is however necessary in order to successfully design and further improve mobility management solutions for always-on multimedia services. We present an NGN testbed and an approach for mapping user experience to network conditions, focusing on phenomena caused by a user roaming across diverse wireless technologies. Current experiments address the quality of Voice over IP in Next Generation Networks, as an example of multimedia sessions. These de?ne when a network handover should be scheduled in order to reach optimum quality for the user.
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