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Handovers between Narrowband and Wideband Speech Transmission
Zitatschlüssel moeller2008o
Autor Möller, Sebastian and Wältermann, Marcel and Lewcio, Blazej and Kirschnick, Niklas and Vidales, Pablo
Buchtitel Sprachkommunikation 2008. Beiträge der 8. ITG-Fachtagung vom 8. bis 10. Oktober 2008 in Aachen, ITG-Fachbericht 211
Seiten 1–4
Jahr 2008
ISBN 978-3-8007-3120-6
Ort Aachen, Germany
Adresse Berlin, Germany
Monat oct
Verlag VDE-Verlag
Zusammenfassung Next Generation Networks provide seamless access to speech and multimedia transmission services at different bandwidths. Depending on the audio bandwidth of the speech codecs used in the respective networks, as well as on network degradations resulting from the handover, coding, and packet loss, the quality experienced by the user will differ within a single call. In this paper, we present initial results from a series of subjective listening-only and conversational experiments in which speech quality is quantified as a function of handover, codec change, and network characteristics. The results show when and under which circumstances a handover should be scheduled in order to obtain best speech quality. They are important for the development of high-quality handover strategies.
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