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Dr. Robert Schleicher


QU Research Group: Usability

Research Topics:

- Usability & User Experience
- Psychophysiology / Affective Computing
- (Mobile) Human Computer Interaction
- Quality assessment


Robert Schleicher joined the Telekom Innovation Laboratories as a senior research scientist in November 2006. He received his diploma in psychology in 2003 (University of Bonn) and had been working at the department of clinical psychology at the University of Cologne, workgroup biological psychology, since then. From summer 2005 to 2006 he was additionally employed at the department of clinical and applied psychology at the University of Bonn where he held classes in biological psychology and maintained the psychophysiological lab. In 2008, he finished his PhD thesis on psychophysiology, eye movements and emotions at the University of Cologne.



journal articles indicated in bold

Schleicher, R., Westermann, T., Li, J., Lawitschka, M, Mateev, B., Reichmuth, R., & Möller, S. (2013). Design of a Mobile App for Interspeech Conferences: Towards an Open Tool for the Spoken Language Community. Demo paper accepted for Interspeech 2013. Interspeech-App web page

Schleicher, R., Westermann, T., Weiss, B., Wechsung, I., Möller, S. (2013). Research On Mobile HCI – Taken Out Of Context? In K. Rizvanoglu & G. Cetin (Eds.), Research and Design Innovations for Mobile User Experience (pp. 77-94). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. link to book page

Seebode, J., Schleicher, R., Wechsung, I. & Möller, S. (2013). Investigating the Affective Impression of Tactile Feedback on Mobile Devices. Paper accepted for BHCI 2013.

Antons, J.-A., Köster, F., Arndt, S., Möller, S. & Schleicher, R. (2013). Changes of Vigilance Caused by Varying Bit Rate Conditions. Paper presented at QoMEX 2013.

Schleicher, R., Westermann, T., & Möller, S. (2013). High- vs. Low-Quality Video Lectures – Don't Worry, Just Put Them Online!. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU 2013). pp. 204-209. SCITEPRESS: Setubal, Portugal. manuscript version

Antons, J. N., Arndt, S., Seebode, J., Schleicher, R., & Möller, S. (2013). Did you notice?: neuronal processing of multimodal mobile phone feedback. CHI '13 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI EA '13). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 325-330. article

Wolf, K., Schleicher, R., Kratz, S., & Rohs, M. (2013). Tickle: a surface-independent interaction technique for grasp interfaces. TEI 2013. Check out Katrin Wolf's page

Swaminathan, R., Schleicher, R., Burkard, S., Argurto, R, Koleczko, S. (2013). Happy Measure: Augmented Reality for Mobile Virtual Furnishing. International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction, 5(1), 16-44. link to final article  manuscript version

Seebode, J., Schleicher,  & Möller, S. (2012). Affective quality of audio feedback in different contexts. MUM'12. link to article

Matthies, D. J. C., Antons, J.-N., Heidmann, F., Wettach, R., Schleicher, R. (2012). NeuroPad: Use Cases For A Mobile Physiological Interface. Poster presented at NordiCHI 2012, Kopenhagen. paper

Wechsung, I., Jepsen, K., Burkhardt, F., Köhler, A., Schleicher, R. (2012). View from a Distance: Comparing Online and Retrospective UX-Evaluations. MobileHCI 2012, September 21-24, San Francisco, CA. article

Arndt, S., Antons, J.N., Schleicher, R., Möller, S., & Curio. G. (2012) Perception of Low-Quality Video Analyzed by Means of Electroencephalography. 4th International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX), July 5-7, Yarra Valley, Australia.

Antons, J.N., Schleicher, R., Arndt, S., Möller, S., & Curio. G. (2012) Too tired for calling? A physiological measure of fatigue caused by bandwidth limitations. 4th International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX), July 5-7, Yarra Valley, Australia.

Antons, J.N., Schleicher, R., Arndt, S., Möller, S., Porbadnigk, A., & Curio, G. (2012). Analyzing Speech Quality Perception using Electro-Encephalography. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, 6(6), 721-731. Link to article

Hofmann, M., Schleicher, R., Galley, N. and Golz, M. (2011). eogui - a Matlab software to analyze electro-oculogram (EOG) recordings. Available at Mathworks fileexchange or direct download . To get an idea of it: html-manual (included as pdf in the zip archive)

Schleicher, R., Garcia, M.-N., Walter, R., Schlüter, S., Möller, S. & Raake, A. (2011). Where do people look when using combined rating scales? 16th European Conference on Eye Movements (ECEM), August 21-25, Marseille, France. Poster

Garcia, M. N., Schleicher, R., & Raake, A. (2011). Impairment-Factor-Based Audiovisual Quality Model for IPTV: Influence of Video Resolution, Degradation Type, and Content Type. EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing, (Article ID 629284), 1-14. link to article

Schleicher, R., Sahami, A., Rohs, M., Kratz, S., & Schmidt, A. (2011). WorldCupinion: Experiences with an Android App for Real-Time Opinion Sharing during Soccer World Cup Games. International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction, 3(4), 18-35. manuscript version link to final version

Rohs, M., Kratz, S., Schleicher, R., Sahami, A., and Schmidt, A. (2010). WorldCupinion: Experiences with an Android App for Real-Time Opinion Sharing during World Cup Soccer Games. Research in the Large: Using App Stores, Markets and other wide distribution channels in UbiComp research. Workshop at Ubicomp 2010. pdf: check out Michael Rohs' page

Porbadnigk, A. K., Antons, J.-N., Blankertz, B., Treder, M., Schleicher, R., Möller, S. and Curio, G. (2010). Using ERPs for Assessing the (Sub)Conscious Perception of Noise. Proceedings of the 32nd Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference.

Antons, J.-N., Porbadnigk, A. K., Schleicher, R., Blankertz, B., Möller, S. and Curio, G. (2010). Subjective Listening Tests and Neural Correlates of Speech Degradation in Case of Signal-correlated Noise. Audio Engineering Society (AES) 129th Convention. paper

Sundaram, S. and Schleicher, R. (2010). Towards evaluation of example-based audio retrieval system using affective dimensions. Multimedia and Expo (ICME), 2010 IEEE International Conference on, 573 - 577. pdf: check out Shiva Sundaram's page

Sundaram, S., Schleicher, R. and Seebode, J. (2010). Clustering Audio Clips by Context-Free Descriptions and Affective Ratings. European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO). pdf: check out Shiva Sundaram's page

Wechsung, I., Schaffer, S., Schleicher, R., Naumann, A. and Möller, S. (2010). The Influence of Expertise and Efficiency on Modality Selection Strategies and Perceived Mental Effort. Proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference of the ISCA (Interspeech 2010). International Speech Communication Association (ISCA).

Wechsung, I., Engelbrecht, K.-P., Nauman, A., Möller, S., Schaffer, S. and Schleicher, R. (2010). Investigating modality selection strategies. IEEE workshop on spoken language technology SLT 2010

Garcia, M.-N.,Schleicher, R. & Raake, A. (2010) Towards A Content-Based Parametric Video Quality Model For IPTV, in: Fifth International Workshop on Video Processing and Quality Metrics for Consumer Electronics (VPQM 2010).

Schleicher, R., Spors, S., Jahn, D. & Walter, R. (2010). Gaze as a measure of sound source localization. AES 38th International Conference on Sound Quality Evaluation, Piteå, Sweden, June 13-15, 2010. paper

Schleicher, R. & Sundaram, S. (2010). Berücksichtigung der affektiven Qualität bei der Indizierung von Multimedia-Datenbanken. 36. Tagung Psychologie und Gehirn, Greifswald, 10.-12. Juni 2010.

Schleicher, R., Sundaram, S. & Seebode, J. (2010). Assessing Audio clips on Affective and Semantic Level to Improve General Applicability. In Fortschritte der Akustik - DAGA 2010 (Berlin). paper

Spors, S., Schleicher, R., Jahn, D. & Walter, R. (2010). On the use of eye movements in acoustic source localization experiments. In Fortschritte der Akustik - DAGA 2010 (Berlin).

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Naumann, A., Wechsung, I., & Schleicher, R. (2009). Measurements and Concepts of Usability and User Experience: Differences between Industry and Academia. In M. Kurosu (Ed.), Proceedings of the 1st international Conference on Human Centered Design: Held As Part of the 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI International 2009), pp. 618-626. Berlin: Springer.

Möller, S., Schleicher, R., Butenkov, D., Engelbrecht K-P., Gödde, F., Scheffler, T., Roller, R. & Reithinger, R. ( 2009 ). Usability Engineering for Spoken Dialogue Systems Via Statistical User Models. First Int. Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology. Dec 9-11, Kloster Irsee.

Schleicher, R. Galley, N. (2009). Continuous Rating and Psychophysiological Monitoring of Experienced Affect While Watching Emotional Film Clips. Psychophysiology 46, Suppl. 1, S51. [Poster presented at the 49th Annual Meeting of the Society for Psychophysiological Research, October 21-24, Berlin.] Poster

Schleicher, R., & Trösterer, S. (2009). Der 'Joy-of-Use'-Button. In H. Wandke & S. Kain & D. Struve (Eds.), Mensch & Computer 2009: Grenzenlos frei!? (pp. 419-422). München: Oldenbourg Verlag.

Schleicher, R., & Trösterer, S. (2009). The 'Joy-of-Use'-Button: Recording Pleasant Moments While Using a PC, Human-Computer Interaction - INTERACT 2009 (Vol. 5727/2009). Heidelberg: Springer. preprint

Schleicher, R., Rohs, R., & Schöning, J. (2009). Eye movements when using a mobile phone to search on wall maps. 15th European Conference on Eye Movements (ECEM), August 23-27, Southampton, UK. Poster

Rohs, M., Schleicher, R., Schöning, J., Essl, G., Naumann, A., & Krüger, A. (2009). Impact of Item Density on the Utility of Visual Context in Magic Lens Interactions. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 13, 8, 633-646

Schleicher, R. (2009). Emotionen und Peripherphysiologie. Lengerich: Pabst Science Publishers.

Schleicher, R. (2008). Emotionen, kontinuierliche Selbstbewertung und psychophysiologische inklusive okulomotorische Veränderungen. Dissertation. Köln: Humanwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Universität zu Köln. pdf-Version

Schleicher, R., Galley, N., Briest, S.,& Galley, L. (2008). Blinks and saccades as indicators of fatigue in sleepiness warnings: looking tired? Ergonomics, 51(7), 982-1010. manuscript version link to final article

Möller, S., Engelbrecht, K.-P., & Schleicher, R. (2008). Predicting the Quality and Usability of Spoken Dialogue Services. Speech Communication, 50(8-9), 730-744.

Rath, M., & Schleicher, R. (2008). On the Relevance of Auditory Feedback for Quality of Control in a Balancing Task. Acta Acustica united with Acustica, 94, 12-20. manuscript version link to final article

Briest, S., Karrer, K., & Schleicher, R. (2006, in press). Driving without awareness: Examination of the phenomenon. In A. Gale (Ed.), Vision in Vehicles XI. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Publishers B. V. preprint

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Schleicher, R. (2005). simpleEDA/EMG: Matlab tools to analyze EDA/EMG activity. Available at the SPR Software Respository: http://www.sprweb.org.

Jaschewski, M., Schleicher, R., & Galley, N. (2005). Behavioral Inhibition as an Indicator of Mental Effort. Journal of Psychophysiology, 19(2), 124.

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Schleicher, R., & Galley, N. (2005). Saccadic velocity and duration as psychological variables I. Standardization procedure. Paper presented at the 13th European Conference on Eye Movements, Bern. slides

Galley, N., & Schleicher, R. (2005). Saccadic velocity and duration as psychological variables II. Some Results. Paper presented at the 13th European Conference on Eye Movements, Bern.

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