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Stefan Schaffer


Research Field


Research Topics

• Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction
• Model-based Usability Evaluation
• User Modeling


Stefan Schaffer studied Communication Science and Computer Science at the Technical University Berlin. In 2009 he completed his degree and received the Willumeit prize for his Magister thesis. He has joined the research training group prometei and is currently working towards his PhD thesis in the domain of model-based usability evaluation of multimodal systems.


Technische Universität Berlin
Zentrum Mensch-Maschine-Systeme
Graduiertenkolleg prometei
Sekretariat FR 2-6
Franklinstr. 28/29
D-10587 Berlin

Tel: +49 (30) 314 - 29637
Fax: +49 (30) 314 - 25996



Evaluation multimodaler Schnittstellen: Ist das Ganze die Summe seiner Teile?
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Author Wechsung, Ina and Engelbrecht, Klaus-Peter and Schaffer, Stefan and Seebode, Julia and Metze, Florian and Möller, Sebastian
Title of Book Mensch und Computer 2009. 9. fachübergreifende Konferenz für interaktive und koooperative Medien - Grenzenlos frei 2009.
Pages 495–498
Year 2009
ISBN 978-3-486-59222-1
Location Berlin, Germany
Address Berlin, Germany
Month sep
Editor Wandke, Hartmut and Struwe, Doreen and Kain, Saskia
Publisher Oldenbourg
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