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Reviewed Journal Papers by Sebastian Möller

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Speech Quality Estimation: Models and Trends
Citation key moeller2011j
Author Möller, Sebastian and Chan, W. -Y. and Côté, Nicolas and Falk, Tiago H. and Raake, Alexander and Wältermann, Marcel
Pages 18–28
Year 2011
ISSN 1053-5888
DOI 10.1109/MSP.2011.942469
Journal IEEE Signal Processing Magazine. Special Issue on Multimedia Quality Assessment
Volume 28
Number 6
Month nov
Note electronic
Publisher IEEE
How Published full
Abstract This article presents a tutorial overview of models for estimating the quality experienced by users of speech transmission and communication services. Such models can be classified as either parametric or signal based. Signal-based models use input speech signals measured at the electrical or acoustic interfaces of the transmission channel. Parametric models, on the other hand, depend on signal and system parameters estimated during network planning or at run time. This tutorial describes the underlying principles as well as advantages and limitations of existing models. It also presents new developments, thus serving as a guide to an appropriate usage of the multitude of current and emerging speech quality models.
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