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Reviewed Journal Papers by Sebastian Möller

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Multimedia Quality Assessment [DSP Forum]
Citation key porikli2011a
Author Porikli, F. and Bovik, A. and Plack, C. and Al Regib, G. and Farrell, J. and Le Callet, P. and Huynh-Thu, Quan and Möller, Sebastian and Winkler, S.
Pages 164–177
Year 2011
ISSN 1053-5888
DOI 10.1109/MSP.2011.942341
Journal IEEE Signal Processing Magazine
Volume 28
Number 6
Month nov
Abstract This IEEE Signal Processing Magazine forum discusses the latest advances and challenges in multimedia quality assessment. The forum members bring their expert insights into issues such as perceptual models and quality measures for future applications such as three-dimensional (3-D) videos and interactivity media. The invited forum members are Al Bovik (University of Texas), Chris Plack (University of Manchester), Ghassan AlRegib (Georgia Institute of Technology), Joyce Farrell (Stanford University), Patrick Le Callet (University de Nantes), Quan Huynh-Thu (Tech-nicolor), Sebastian M??ller (Deutsche Telekom Labs, TU Berlin), and Stefan Winkler (Advanced Digital Sciences Center). The moderator of this forum is Dr. Fatih Porikli (MERL, Cambridge).
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