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Reviewed Journal Papers by Sebastian Möller

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Affective Quality of Audio Feedback in Different Contexts
Citation key seebode2014b
Author Seebode, Julia and Schleicher, Robert and Möller, Sebastian
Pages 1–21
Year 2014
ISSN 1942-390X
DOI 10.4018/ijmhci.2014100101
Journal Int. J. of Mobile Human-Computer Interaction
Volume 6
Number 4
Note print/online
Abstract Sound is a common means to give feedback on mobile devices. Much research has been conducted to examine the learnability and user performance with systems that provide audio feedback. In many cases a training period is necessary to understand the meaning of a specific feedback, because their functional connotation may be ambiguous. Additionally, no standardized evaluation method to measure the subjective quality of these messages has been established; especially regarding the affective quality of feedback sounds. The authors describe a series of experiments to investigate the affective impression of audio feedback on mobile devices as well as their functional meaning under varying contexts prototypical for mobile phone usage. Results indicate that context influences the emotional impression and that there is a relation between affective quality and functional appropriateness. These findings confirm that emotional stimuli are suitable as feedback messages in the context of mobile HCI and that context matters for the affective quality of sounds emitted by mobile phones.
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