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ITU-T Recommendations by Sebastian Möller

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Requirement Specification and Possible Structure for an Opinion Model Predicting Gaming QoE (G.OMG)
Zitatschlüssel schmidt2018d
Autor Schmidt, Steven and Zadtootaghaj, Saman and Möller, Sebastian and Metzger, Florian and Hirth, Matthias and Suznjevic, Mirko and Barman, Nabajeet and Martini, Maria G.
Seiten 1–20
Jahr 2018
Adresse CH-Geneva
Monat may
Wie herausgegeben full
Institution ITU
Zusammenfassung This document describes the requirement specification and a possible model structure for the development of a gaming QoE opinion model by ITU-T Study Group 12, Question 13, for the work item G.OMG. The main intention of this document is to define the scope of the model, i.e. the concrete use case and input information (influencing factors, system and network parameter, etc.) considered to develop the model, and to provide concrete requirements to conduct subjective tests to build a rating data set for a proposed model structure. The decisions made are based on ITU-T Recommendation G.1032 and the current work item ITU-T P.GAME, and on previous research in the domain of gaming QoE. G.OMG primarily will aim at predicting the gaming QoE based on a variety of network and encoding parameters in a cloud gaming scenario.
Typ der Publikation ITU-T Recommendation
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