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Steven Schmidt


Research Field

  • Quality of Experience (QoE) for Cloud Gaming Services
  • Engagement in Virtual Reality

Research Topics

  • Identification and quantification of perceptual quality dimensions for gaming QoE
  • Prediction of gaming QoE based on encoding and network parameters
  • Classification of game content
  • Crowdsourcing for gaming evaluation


Steven Schmidt received his M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering at the TU Berlin with a major in Communication Systems. Since 2016 he is employed as a research assistant at the Quality and Usability Lab where he is working towards a PhD in the field of Quality of Experience in Mobile Gaming. 


ITU-T SG12 Activities:

  • ITU-T Rec. G.1032 - Influence Factors on Gaming Quality of Experience (2017)
  • ITU-T Rec. P.809 - Subjective Evaluation Methods for Gaming Quality (2018)
  • ITU-T Rec. G.1072 - Opinion Model Predicting Gaming QoE for Cloud Gaming Services (2020)


Quality and Usability Lab
Technische Universität Berlin
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
D-10587 Berlin, Germany

Tel:  +49 151 12044969


Towards improving visual attention models using influencing factors in a video gaming context
Zitatschlüssel zadtootaghaj2017c
Autor Zadtootaghaj, Saman and Schmidt, Steven and Hamed, Ahmadi and Möller, Sebastian
Buchtitel 2017 15th Annual Workshop on Network and Systems Support for Games (NetGames)
Seiten 1–3
Jahr 2017
ISSN 2156-8146
DOI 10.1109/NetGames.2017.7991542
Adresse ieeexplore.ieee.org
Monat jun
Notiz electronic
Verlag IEEE
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