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Tobias Jettkowski


Tobias Jettkowski is responsible for the supervision of the laboratory and network administration of the Quality and Usability Lab (QU) and is teaching and researching in the areas of privacy, security and usability. He studied Communication Science, Lighting Engineering, Acoustical Engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin and began his work at the QU chair in January 2011 after recieving his Magister (Master) degree in December 2010. His thesis "New Multimodal Interaction Techniques for Mobile Devices" resulted in an application which uses a magnet and an iPhone to control a set of musical instruments.

Research Interests Privacy, Usability, Access Control, Media and Information Sharing, Social Networks, Visualization, (Effective) Usage of (Web) Technology (current and potential)

Downloads Video showing music instruments on iPhone controlled by a magnet (YouTube)


How much Network Security must be Visible in Web Browsers?
Zitatschlüssel hirsch2012a
Autor Hirsch, Tobias and Lo Iacono, Luigi and Wechsung, Ina
Buchtitel 9th International Conference, TrustBus: Trust, Privacy and Security in Digital Business
Seiten 1–16
Jahr 2012
ISBN 978-3-642-32286-0
Ort Vienna, Austria
Monat sep
Verlag Springer Berlin
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